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Allnex offers a broad range of Low Bake Powder Coating Resins

allnex offers a broad range of performance polyester powder coating resins designed to cure at low temperature and with all key crosslinkers. Our experts are available today to help you choose low temperature.

The allnex Low Temperature palette

The CRYLCOAT® product range from allnex offers resins for both indoor and outdoor applications, whether for metal or non-metal substrates. Our resins are also designed to cure with all the major crosslinker groups: epoxy resins, hydroxy-alkylamide (HAA), triglycidylisocyanurate (TGIC) and glycidylester.

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Focus on the Latest Resin Developments

Choosing the right resin for your project or application can be a complex process. The experts of allnex have years of experience and knowledge in development of resins for low temperature powder coatings enabling applications on metallic- and non-metallic substrates at low temperature curing conditions. Please reach out to our experts to get information on the latest developments.

This coating segment is the domain of so-called Hybrid powder coatings represented by a combination of polyester resins with solid epoxy resins as hardeners. Excellent adhesion, flexibility, corrosion– and chemical resistance make them the first choice for all kinds of indoor applications for smooth, matte and textured finishes in all colors. But what to do when it comes to coating heat sensitive substrates like engineered wood and medium density fiberboards (MDF) at low temperature curing? allnex offers a full range of low bake hybrids suitable for single and double coat applications for a wide range of gloss levels, smooth and textured, for cure by conventional convection, or preferably, by infrared (IR) ovens. Find out more details from our product selection.

The vast majority of outdoor durable powder coatings is formulated by combining polyester resins either with triglycidylisocyanurate (TGIC, ARALDITE® PT 810) or β-hydroxyalkylamide (HAA, PRIMID® XL 552). Next to a balanced, good coating performance they are able to withstand 12 months of exposure to aggressive climates as in Florida. Modern resins allow the reduction of curing temperature to 160°C for PRIMID low bake powders; TGIC systems can even reach down to 120°C. Saving energy and increasing productivity by low temperature cure powders are not the only important aspects; a further added value is the fast cure of coatings on massive substrates. Our low temperature product portfolio will help you to identify the best option for your low bake powder project.

This group of polyester resins are by definition 3-5 times better in durability than Standard Durables at outdoor exposure and they are usually cured with the same hardeners. Trends in ACE and Architectural coatings for higher durability, improved corrosion resistance combined with appealing appearance are strong driving forces for development of low cure powders especially for massive substrates. Check our product selection for the options available.

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Product Selector for Low Bake Powder Coating Resins

Features and Benefits

allnex’s CRYLCOAT® low temperature cure resins bring a number of key benefits to the powder coating formulator. As well as global availability and consistency of quality, our resins can help you to:

Coat heat-sensitive substrates

target MDF

Coat heavy pieces

target slow-to-heat metal items

Save energy

reduce cost

Improve process robustness

reduce rejects

Improve productivity

target fast cure

Additive of choice for your Low Bake Powder Coatings

Allnex MODAFLOW® Powder 6000  flow aid has been created to assist the coating manufacturer in offering the best looking coatings, including preventing craters, fish-eyes and orange peel texture. MODAFLOW® Powder 6000 is a silica dispersed, silicone-free flow promoter supplied with 65% active compound content. It greatly improves cross-compatibility of powders and their DOI.


Defect Controller

MODAFLOW® Powder 6000More information

This additive can significantly improve the surface properties of unmodified resins to:

  • Improved flow and leveling
  • Reduced pinholes, fisheyes, craters, and orange peel
  • Broaden cross-compatibility between powder formulations

Where’s your next Coating Opportunity?

Our low temperature cure hybrid, standard durable and superdurable range of polyesters can be used for many traditional – and not so traditional – applications and substrates. By driving down the cure temperature, you can access engineered wood, plasterboard, pre-assembled mixed-substrate components, as well as metals with limited heat acceptance, such as aluminium/magnesium alloy wheels.

ACE - Consistent cure on massive components

Architecture - Durability for premium applications

Furniture - Combine aesthetics with toughness

MDF - Design freedom for gloss and texture

Wheel - Protection from aggressive conditions

low temperature powder coatings ACE


Consistent cure on massive components

low temp powder coatings architecture


Durability for premium applications

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