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allnex offer the widest spectrum of coating technology solutions in the industry. We have been the global leader for over 70 years and are constantly innovating new technologies. allnex has research, development and production facilities all around the globe. Within the organization there is an exchange of ideas allowing our vast product portfolio to keep evolving and make sure we stay ahead of the pack. The allnex brand has experts in multiple fields throughout the powder coating and resins industry.

Low Bake powder coating resins is a sub section of the allnex product portfolio range, with its own dedicated research and production teams. We have a wide selection of polyester powder coating resins designed to cure at low temperatures, allowing you to coat heat sensitive materials like wood and MDF, whilst also saving energy and improving overall productivity. The range of products are top of the line and would not be possible without a team of dedicated experts, working around the clock, constantly searching for new and better solutions.

Interested in low temp powder coatings? Contact an allnex expert or use our contact form to find out about our latest innovations.

Global Powder Coating Resin Manufacturers

allnex’s CRYLCOAT® low temperature cure resins bring a number of key benefits to the powder coating formulator. As well as global availability and consistency of quality, our resins can help you to:

Increase productivity

Comply with regulations

Reduce costs

Find new solutions

Meet our team

Low bake powder coating resins team

Choosing the correct technology for your specific challenge can be a complex process, and that is why our team is here to help. With unparalleled experience and knowledge, we simplify the process for you. Let us know what challenges you face, and we will work with you to find the most practical solutions.

Whether you require indoor, standard durable or superdurable applications, we have the product you need. Find out about our latest developments for applications on metallic and non-metallic substrates alike. Speak with one of our regional experts today and find out how we can help your business to become more competitive.

Meet our expert - Massimiliano Censi

Massimiliano serves as our technical service and development representative for powder coating resins, and he is here to help you. He has extensive experience in solid polyester resins chemistry and powder coating applications.

Contact Massimiliano directly and let him help your business grow to become more competitive in a constantly evolving industry. With his assistance, you can be assured to stay ahead of the game.

Allnex powder coatings Expert
Still not certain we have the technology you need? Simply request a free sample, and you can see the impressive results for yourself.

Massimiliano Censi